An Angel speaks

Model and celebrity host Angel Jacob speaks her mind

On her Bicol roots

Both my parents are from Bicol, in Naga. We still have a house there and my paternal grandmother, who is 94 years old, is still in Naga. I try to go home at least once a year. I used to go home in time for the Peñafrancia fiesta but I haven’t done that in two years.

I’m really proud to be from Bicol. More so, I’m proud to have grown up in the area, learned to speak the language, enjoyed the food, and loved the people. I’d really encourage others to come visit (Bicol).

I’ve seen it (Naga) grow each year. I remember watching movies in the cinema and it was even double-feature! Now there are malls na. The CWC (Cam Sur Watersports Complex) is even world-class – it’s all in the wakeboarding magazines and videos. It really gives me so much pride that people from all over the world has seen it.

CWC is actually just 20 minutes away from where we live.  I really plan to go soon. My goal this year is to go and bring my friends and take them around the area. Drive them to Mayon and Tiwi. Or maybe just stay in Naga, take them wakeboarding, or simply enjoy the food.

On her childhood memories

I was born and raised in Manila but as a kid I’d spend my summer vacations, and sometimes Christmases, in Naga with my grandparents. The plane, the bus, the car, even the train – name it and I’ve taken it to go home!

I had a very happy childhood. I only have happy memories as a child and I believe this has affected my outlook in life. Sometimes with so much going on in life, I would look back at how it has been as a child. I believe that your childhood molds you into the kind of person you are.

Until now I think of myself as a child whenever I go back to the province. It was all very simple but fun stuff that you’d do as a kid like play in my grandparents’ garden with the dogs, or climb up the macopa, chico and mango trees. I remember riding the motorcycle with my grandpa going around Centro. Or going with my grandma to the market. One of my fondest memories is drinking Royal and eating Chippy in the plastic jar.  Oh, and I won’t forget hearing the tuko as a kid!

Another favorite childhood memory is going to Nato beach every summer. I remember the big waves and the hours I spent playing in the sand making sandcastles. I’d be so negra whenever I get back to Manila!

On her favorite Bicol dishes

Growing up, I remember eating all the pinangat, laing, Bicol express other Bicol dishes. I love spicy food so much – that’s how you’d know I’m really a Bicolano.  It may not sit well on other people’s tummy but I do love gata!

You know how in restaurants they would serve what they claim are laing and bicol express. Often I’d be saying, “This is bland, this is not it.” They can’t fool me because I know the real thing. I also take pride that my 13-year-old daughter also loves Bicol foods.

On her shopping skills

I enjoy shopping – be it window or actual purchase! I’d say I’m not the super-super high end shopper as I go in the middle. I frequent Greenhills, Rockwell, Shangri-la Plaza and Glorietta.

I remember we went to Mayon two years ago and my sister-in-law was saying, pati ba naman dito may bibilin ka? There were stalls near Cagsawa church that make native bags and placemats that are really good quality, very nice. Wherever there’s a store I’ll always find something to buy. The littlest items I would pick out. Kahit five pesos pa yan!

In Naga I love going to the market.  I look for the native bags and abaca tsinelas for pasalubong in the palengke. I enjoy shopping for others so I gather stuff like the pili nuts and pili tarts. The good pili bars I get is at Anciano’s right outside the market. Every time I go to Naga I always make sure I drop by. I get free tikim pa!

On her showbiz career

I first started out as a commercial model for a beauty product when I was 19. Over the years, I have done several commercials.  I also was part of Studio 23’s Breakfast as host for five years. From there, I’ve ventured into movies, acting in soap operas and corporate hostings.

Even though I’m not really an actress, I enjoyed doing movies and TV. It was a great experience and even playing cameo roles added to my confidence. It’s balancing trying a little bit of everything and at the same not spreading yourself too thin. At least I can say I sang once, I danced once, even did soap operas. It’s all part of having a fun, very good, active life for me.

Right now I’m busy hosting Good Finds (a shopping guide in SkyCable’s The Lifestyle Channel), doing pictorials, corporate hostings and attending to endorsement activities for  the MegaClinic (the country’s largest urgent care and walk-in health center).

My daughter is still my number one priority though. I’m privileged to do the kind of work that I have because I don’t have a 9-5 schedule.

My dream show to host would be something that tackles beauty and wellness.

On encouraging others

It’s in dreaming that you reach for that goal.  On the flipside, I never dreamed that I’d be in showbiz or hosting. When I was younger I wanted to be a nun, then a stewardess. I never really imagined my life to be this way.

For young Bicolanos, I’d say, be proud to be where you’re from. First and foremost, love the province you’re in.  Check out possibilities in the area first before venturing out. Look up to other successful people who have come from Bicol and try to pattern to your life, ideas, goals after them. There are lots of politicians, actors, businessmen, environmentalists who came from the area. Look for your passion and follow your passion.


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